November 30, 2022

Best Life Changing Trips for Couples

In need of a romantic getaway, but don't know where to go? When in a relationship, you become one with another person. There will always be someone for you to lean on, laugh with, create beautiful memories and best of with. Come along and find out the top romantic getaway locations!

When in a relationship, you become one with another person. There will always be someone for you to lean on, laugh with, create beautiful memories and best of with. On these trips you will always learn something new about yourself and your partner and share unforgettable experiences. Come along with me as I share with you the most romantic destinations for you and your partner to explore.Whether you are planning a honeymoon, anniversary or simply looking to reignite sparks, these travel destinations will blow your mind.

Bali, Indonesia

Photo Credit: Forbes Magazine

If you are looking for a chance to visit Bali, now is the perfect time. Bali has always been one of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia; and its stunning shores, mesmerizing sunrises and impressive experiences will leave you in awe. There are a few reasons why Bali is extraordinarily romantic, and you will find the answer in the following destinations.

Mende Hill is one of the most popular destinations for couples. Mende Hill shows you the most breath-taking views of Bali. Located in northern Bali, Mende’s hill involves a 2–3-hour hike to the top; cross winding hilly paths and end up with a panoramic view of foggy Bali and cloudy skies...utterly amazing.

You must not pass up the chance to visit Jimbaran beach, popular for its attractive sunsets and romantic beachfront hotels. Whether you are lounging in a beach chair getting sipping on a cocktail or just enjoying the peacefulness and sounds of the ocean, Jimbaran beach carries a charm that simply makes you experience love allover again.
Couples will also love the simple yet idealistic charm of Tegalalang Rice Terrace, a surreally beautiful terrace hillside that blesses you with gorgeous views and carries a serene ambiance. You will be surprised to know Tegalalang Rice Terrace offerings ziplining too, for the adventure-seekers in you.

Amfali Coast

Photo Credit: Vogue Maginize

Italy’s Amalfi Coast is considered one of the most popular destinations for honeymooning and romantic proposals. With the stunning blue coast matching the cloudless sky and lines of vibrantly colored houses brightly overlooking the shore,you cannot help but fall in love with the Italian charm. There are a few spots in Amalfi Coast that are known for their allure. On top of the list, we have Lover’s Beach, or as its official name goes, Spiaggia Degli Innamorati. Accessible only by the sea and enclosed by jaw-dropping gorgeous cliffs, Lover’s Beach is quite secluded, so it is popular with honeymooners.

Another gorgeous destination is the Path of Love in the Italian commune of Furore at the Amalfi Coast. Path of Love is among the most walked routes in Amalfi because of its majestic views and amorous spirit. Couples especially love walking along the narrow path that leads to a small pebble beach; some travelers even love to skip pebbles on the calm waves here. Furore Fjord makes this little spot one of the most beautiful ever. Lastly, you could always take a romantic cruise along the Amalfi Coast. Many cruise lines offer couples-only boats too where you can even request an over-the-sea candlelight dinner.

Santorini, Greece

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Despite its popularity, the beauty of Santorini is still quite underrated. When you step in Santorini it becomes difficult to believe you are on earth, but heavenly flights are what Greece knows best. Santorini is recognized by the sparkling blue coast and the stark white houses. Overlooking the shore feels surreal and almost magical.

There are so many things that you can do in Santorini, including doing a volcano and hot springs tour or taking a romantic cruise along the Greek Coast. While this is a classic option, you can always switch to something unique and more fun by visiting the several vineyards and wineries nearby. Pick up a glass and drink to the beauty of Santorini.
Of course, there is more to do, like hiking from Santorini to Skaros Rock and gazing at the stunning sight ahead. But if you’re not one to be convinced by all these amazing activities, you could always take it up a notch and dive off a cliff into cool waves. This popular activity is done in Oia Santorini, a stunning cliff where lovers like to dive together and swim back to the shore to symbolize the strength of their love.

Napa Valley, CA

Photo Credit: In The Vines

You do not have to look far to find romance; plan for a beautiful and memorable time in Napa Valley, California’s very own hotspot for couples.

While there is a lot you can do, the biggest suggestion is visiting the infamous vineyards that make Napa Valley as popular as it is. Learn the art of winemaking and give cheers to the finest wine you will ever taste. You can even request tours of vineyards in Napa Valley. Next make your way to Castello di Amorosa, an 13th century Italian castle turned into a winery. Here you will sip on exquisite wine and get a gorgeous medieval tour. There are also countless hiking and biking trails in Napa Valley; you only need to contact a tour company and you will be exploring all of Napa Valley in just a day!

Turks & Caicos

Photo Credit: Smooth Trips

Last but not the least, Turks & Caicos is such a beautiful destination for couples looking to relax, unwind and experiences some of the best beaches in theCaribbean. With stark white sandy beaches and light blue ocean waves, Turks &Caicos is so stunning, you will not want to leave this island of paradise.

It’s no surprise that they offer a huge selection of water sports from jet skiing, to parasailing, windsurfing and paddle boarding, there is always something to do on the water. Grace Bay Beach is one of the most popular and best beaches in Turks,yet you will still find it quite spacious and secluded. The Sunset here is magical.From the locals, to the wonderful accommodations, service and food Turks & Caicos would be a life changing magical experience for any couple.

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