July 7, 2022

5 Lesser-Known Caribbean Islands That Deserve A Visit

The Caribbean has always been a fan favorite for travelers of all kinds and for good reason; its clear blue waters and beautiful beaches and cultures create a stunning region of the world. But like many vacation destinations, some countries are enjoyed more than others. We’re highlighting five less popular Caribbean islands that deserve a visit.

1. Anguilla

Photo credit: TravelPulse

Anguilla, one of the Leeward Islands is a true Caribbean paradise. The island’s coastline is full of tall, dramatic cliffs and beautiful white sand beaches while the rest of the island is best discovered by foot on a guided hike.

During the hike, travelers can take in breathtaking views of Anguilla’s rocky coastline and learn about its history, while visiting the ruins of a sugar plantation estate. However nowadays, the island is known for its beautiful and ecologically significant coral reefs and beaches.

2. Grenada

Photo credit: Unsplash

The island of Grenada, nicknamed “Spice Isle” due to its countless nutmeg plantations is the perfect getaway for history and nature lovers. It’s home to 40 beaches, 15 waterfalls, five chocolate factories and over 30 dive sites, including the Caribbean’s largest shipwreck and the world’s first underwater sculpture park. Grenada offers something for everyone. History buffs can learn about Grenada’s history at Fort Frederick and Fort Matthew while nature lovers can explore two national parks: Levera National Park and the more mountainous Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve.

3. Curacao

Photo credit: Cunard

Out of all the Dutch West Indies, Curacao is the biggest of its neighbors, boasting a population of 142,000. Visitors are amazed by not just the island’s stunning beaches but by the traditional Dutch architecture with its bright and beautiful pastels. The island is home to endless attractions: aquariums, national parks, ostrich farms, forts and many amazing scuba-diving spots. Curacao’s cuisine is also a mix of European, EastAsian and West Indian influences, making dining out a lot of fun.

4. Belize

Photo credit: Caribbean Culture and Lifestyle

Belize has some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, hundreds of off shore islands and a diverse marine life that lives around the beautiful Belize Barrier Reef. The island is absolutely stunning everywhere you go with its untamed jungles, green mountains, rolling hills, waterfalls, lagoons, cultivated farmland, wetlands and expanses of pine forest. Belize is full of adrenaline-pumping adventures, laidback sightseeing, and great food making it the ideal vacation destination for every traveler.

5. Guadeloupe (La Desirade and Les Saintes)

Photo credit: Unsplash

La Desirade, named “the Forgotten” in French, is one of the islands that makes up Guadeloupe in the French West Indies. This naturally beautiful island is a must visit for anyone visiting the chain’s bigger islands. It’s considered one of the oldest in the Caribbean geologically, making it home to many native plant and animal species.

Les Saintes is a collection of nine islands, two of which are only inhabited by humans, Terre de Haut and Terre de Bas. The islands will delight beach lovers and foodies alike with its magnificent beaches, picturesque towns and culinary hub.

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